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The number of people travelling by air is growing exponentially. Today’s airports are becoming larger and more sophisticated to meet the demands of Air Travel and to also provide more conveniences and services not only for travels but to the wider population. As airports become larger and more sophisticated, so does the fire threat.

Fire at an airport can have significant costs, Loss of Human Lives, Loss of Assets, Flight Cancellations and Delays, and Passenger Compensat.

Typical Areas Protected at Airports:


  • Control Tower System 
  • Telecommunication Centres 
  • Server Racks & Computer Rooms 
  • Remote Air Guidance System


  • Passengers
  • Terminals
  • Operators’ Area
  • Runway Lightings


  • Escalators 
  • Travelator
  • Garbage Containers
  • Security Equipment and X-ray machines
  • Baggage Handling system
  • Escalators


  • De-icing Trucks
  • Fueling
  • Catering Vehicles
  • Terminal Electric Mobility Carts
  • Passenger Transport
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Aircraft Maintenance

EQUIPRO can successfully handle the multitude of fire hazards that airports present. EQUIPRO targets individual ignition sources so as to quickly extinguish fires from the ignition source. In doing so, EQUIPRO Systems are quicker to react than conventional systems, More importantly by targeting ignition sources, EQUIPRO extinguishes fires before they have a chance to take hold. This in tum reduces the damaging effects of a fire and does not allow it to spread. It is also more cost effective as it typically requires far less fire extinguishing agent to be used.

EQUIPRO offers the ultimate solution in Airport Fire Protection Systems. EQUIPRO Systems utilize our proprietary Fire Detection Tubing and provides a truly independent, reliable, fully automated 24/7 protection against fire hazards.

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Direct Action Release Systems (DAR)

EQUIPRO Direct Action Release (DAR) Systems utilizes the EQUIPRO proprietary Detection Tubing as a means of fire detection and also act as a discharge pipe for the extinguishing agent. The Fire Detection Tubing reacts quickly and linearly to heat during a fire and the tubing will burst in the direction of the heat source. This in effect creates a nozzle-like hole in the Fire Detection Tubing which is directed towards the fire, thereby extinguishing it quickly.


Secondary Action Release System (SAR)

EQUIPRO Secondary Action Release (SAR) System utilizes EQUIPRO proprietary Fire Detection Tubing as a means of automatically detecting fires. As the pressure in the tubing drops, it initiates the valve to open and release the fire extinguishing agent through a conventional nozzle via either brass or stainless steel tubes.


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