Hazardous Chemicals & Lithium Batteries Cabinets

Chemicals, Poisons, Paints, Aqueous Flammable Liquids, Lithium Batteries and other materials hazardous to groundwater are stored in Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets in compliance to current legal and OSHA requirements.

Some of the Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets include, Chemicals Cabinets, Oil Cabinets, Poison Cabinets, Environmental Cabinets, and Fire-Proof safety Cabinets. These Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets are housed in virtually every building facility and even on marine vessels, oil platforms, shipyards, laboratories and many other locations. Vapours of Hazardous materials can build-up inside these Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets and pose both a danger and fire hazard to the occupants of the building and to the surrounding areas. Micro-Environment Fire Protection Systems are typically used when the hazard is confined to a critical enclosure. Examples of these are electrical equipment, machines, vehicles, storage compartments or any enclosed space containing a high-value asset.

EQUIPRO specializes in delivering tailored pre-engineered solutions to provide effective, 24/7 customized protection of key assets. The key to EQUIPRO effectiveness lies in our proprietary Fire Detection Tubing. EQUIPRO Fire Detection Tubing reacts quickly to heat providing fast detection and extinguishing of fire.

EQUIPRO systems are designed for simple installations and are often contained or placed directly next to enclosure to be protected. The systems are automatic self-initiating extinguishing systems which are reliable and effectively extinguish the fire within seconds. The simple design of the systems also means that they are low-maintenance and cost-effective units which can be installed in enclosed space

EQUIPRO Fire Detection Tubing EQUIPRO can supply the correct extinguishing agent to meet most hazards and customer requirements.

  • HFC-227ea o CO2
  • FK-5-1-1-2 o Foam
  • Dry Chemical (ABC, BC, D)

How does EQUIPRO Manage This?

EQUIPRO Detection Tubing reacts to heat. It does not require any electrical power to work.
The Fire Detection Tubing an be used as both a detection device and as an agent delivery system. The tubing is installed and pressurized to burst at the point closest to the fire. In doing so, it releases the fire extinguishing agent directly at the source of fire.

More information?

Direct Action Release Systems (DAR)

EQUIPRO Direct Action Release (DAR) Systems utilizes the EQUIPRO proprietary Detection Tubing as a means of fire detection and also act as a discharge pipe for the extinguishing agent. The Fire Detection Tubing reacts quickly and linearly to heat during a fire and the tubing will burst in the direction of the heat source. This in effect creates a nozzle-like hole in the Fire Detection Tubing which is directed towards the fire, thereby extinguishing it quickly.


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