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Jactone PAFSS LPCB Approved Kitchenguard systems are stored pressure pneumatically activated fire suppression systems which discharge wet chemical agent rapidly and accurately onto any kitchen fire. Stored Pressure Systems have the advantage over old fashioned cartridge operated technology in that the system status can be determined, easily 24/7. An old fashioned, fusible link activated cartridge operated product cannot provide real time system status accurately or with confidence. This leads to situations where the old fashioned technology could wrongly be considered to be in an operational state when in fact it is out of operation. This can lead to uncontrolled fires and destroyed kitchens. 

The Jactone PAFSS KitchenGuard system is equipped with a dual stage combined pressure switch/pressure gauge which can rapidly turn off a gas supply and isolate the equipment that is on fire. It can also be connected into a main building fire alarm system and so be interconnected to remote monitoring systems such as Equipro's AUSPEX. AUSPEX allows 24/7 remote monitoring of all types of fire protection systems easily viewed via an app on PC or hand held device via the internet.

Jactone PAFSS LPCB Approved KitcheGuard systems are activated by linear heat sensitive detection tubing that has been tested and approved to effectively detect and extinguish a fire in a commercial kitchen environment. The linear heat detection tube is a significant advantage over costly and old fashioned fusible link activation. Where the position of fusible links is critical to accurate fire detection and any displacement can be catastrophic, the benefit of the linear heat sensitive detection tube is that it functions as a detector along its entire length and that provides proven confidence that any fire will be rapidly detected and extinguished wherever it starts.

The benefits of the Jactone LPS1223 LPCB Approved KitchenGuard system are clear:-

1. Stored Pressure for 24/7 monitoring to ensure system condition beats obselete cartridge operated systems which provide inadequate or no live system status. If you cannot determine system status how do you know if your kitchen is protected?

2. Linear Heat Sensitive Detection Tube is an active detector along its entire length. Old fashioned expensive fusible links are "spot" fire detection mechanical devices which must be accurately installed. There is no tolerance to fusible links if the fire hazard location changes and can lead to rapid fire build up before detection (if at all). The problem of fusible links is 100% overcome by Jactone's employment of a pneumatic linear heat detection device.

3. Simplicity - Jactone's LPCB Approved KitchenGuard System is simple and quick to install and to maintain. It is a "low cost of ownership" system compared to other inferior old fashioned systems.

4. The LPCB LPS1223 Approval is a stringent forbidding approval which rigorously tests the fire protection system and the manufacturer on performance and quality. The LPCB approval provides security to any customer that the system they install will function when required.

5. Unlike other suppliers, Jactone does not import the lowest cost cylinder from lower quality suppliers. Jactone manufactures its cylinder in the UK at its own factory according to stringent quality control standards. The Jactone KitchenGuard system is different than all others. It is high quality, reliable, robust and ready to work 24/7 to safeguard commercial and shared accommodation kitchens. 

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