Machine fire protection

High value capital equipment such as CNC machines, EPM machines, Turning Machines, Grinders and Laser Cutter machines are the heart of many businesses. Customer orders and the future of your business depends on the machines being operational and fully functioning. The initial capital outlay and the subsequent ongoing productivity of the machine represents a significant investment and potential risk if the machine ceases to function, productivity declines and customer orders cannot be met.

Today’s ambitious output goals, lean manufacturing techniques and the critical need to avoid any productivity down time means that automatic production lines require a strategic vision concerning fire safety to avoid large fires, consequential damage, business interruption, lost customers or even worse.  

On top of that, the European Machinery Directive 2006-42EC §227 from 2006 and updated 2010, states that if materials that are likely to lead to fire like oxygen, combustible materials, fuels and heat cannot be avoided, precautions like fire detection and suppression equipment must be installed to assure (fire) safety. 

Around 66% of manufacturing facility fires start at the shop floor according to a 2012 estimation by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) leading to significant property damage and soaring downtime costs and lost future business. Observed causes of fires are due to uncontrolled hot metal chips, tool breakage, coolant system malfunction, poor maintenance, old lubricants or because of a human error. 

Protecting the critical assets that are the heart of your business from damage by fire is a simple decision to make. EQUIPRO’S proven technology is low cost, simple to install and maintain and will reliably detect and suppress a fire early and quickly enough to safeguard your operation from downtime and costly replacements.

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EQUIPRO Linear Pneumatic Heat Operated Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression systems are small pre-engineered systems that are installed on or near to the machine. The fire is detected by heat impinging on a pressurized thermal specially formulated polymer tube which is installed in areas where a fire can start. As the heat generated by an early small fire interacts with the special polymer tube (EQUIPRO Fire Detection Tube) the walls of the EFDT soften to an extent that the tube walls cannot contain the internal pressure inside the tube. The EFDT wall ruptures at the point closest to the heat source causing pressure within the tube to fall. The pressure within the tube was holding the valve on the fire suppression cylinder closed so the resulting pressure drop from the EQUIPRO Fire Detection Tube activates the fire suppression system. As the valve on the EQUIPRO Fire Suppression System opens the Fire Extinguishing Agent is discharged via a set of strategically installed hoses and nozzles into the machine quickly suppressing the fire ensuring minimal damage and safeguarding the asset from loss.

The EQUIPRO suppression system also includes a useful feature called a Low Pressure Switch. It is a pneumatic dry switch which is factory fitted to the suppression system and comes with flying leads (normally open or normally closed circuit). The pressure switch changes state as the pressure within the fire suppression falls and can be integrated into the power supply of the machine to shutdown in case of fire, as well as integrated into any building management system, fire alarm system, SCADA etc etc

In addition to the Low Pressure Switch the system can be installed with an integrated Manual Actuator which allows a machine operator to instantly activate the EQUIPRO Suppression System at the first sign of fire. Ancillary items such as sounders and strobed can also be fitted and automatically activated from the EQUIPRO Fire Suppression System

EQUIPRO’s Proprietary Fire Detection Tube is a specially formulated advanced fire detection tube with enhanced UV protection for longer lifetime and is resistant to dust, dirt, oils and sunlight making it the most rugged and reliable fire detection tube available. The EFDT is flexible and electrically non-conductive so can be installed in energized compartments without risk allowing the safe automatic detection and suppression of fire in such critical areas.

A huge benefit of choosing to use EQUIPRO Fire Detection Tube operated systems is that the systems cannot false alarm – they can only activate in the case of a genuine fire avoiding inconvenient downtime and intervention.

EQUIPRO Systems do not require an electrical supply to function and so they can be installed to protect remote equipment and will continue to provide fire protection capability even in the event of a power cut.

EQUIPRO Systems can be configured to protect equipment and hazards that are enclosed, unenclosed, stationary, moving, on air, sea, land and underground from all kinds of fire types such solid, liquids, gases, flammable metals, electrical etc – meaning if your business has a fire risk, EQUIPRO has a proven cost effective and reliable solution to reduce or remove the threat to your business and people. 

EQUIPRO LTD offers free of charge and no obligation fire risk site surveys to support you in your fire risk management and decision making.

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