Mining Vehicles

Mining is an inherently high-risk undertaking. One of the risks is FIRE and the challenges associated with providing fire protection for the mines. The challenges are magnified for underground mines, where the consequences of a fire could be far more devastating compared to surface mines. 

Mining Equipment generally carries large amounts of highly flammable diesel fuel, lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids. In some areas, the materials being mined are also extremely flammable. The locations of mines and the vast area covered by mobile equipment permits emergency services to respond quickly to put out a fire. The conditions faced in mines are harsh. At surface mines, equipment is exposed to the elements and damaging weather such as intense heat, high wind speeds and torrential rains.

Underground mines generally are at elevated temperatures and high moisture levels. When combined with the naturally dirty and dusty nature of the mines, the harsh environment would render most conventional detection systems unusable. The consequences of a fire in the mines can be devastating. These could include loss of Human lives, Trapped operation, Loss of Production Time, Loss of Mining Capacity, loss of Equipment, and Collapse of the Mine (Underground)

EQUIPRO offer the ultimate fire protection system for mining equipment. EQUIPRO utilize our proprietary Fire Detection Tubing and in doing so, provides a truly independent, reliable, fully automated 24/7 protection against fire threats.

How does EQUIPRO Manage This?

EQUIPRO Detection Tubing reacts to heat. It does not require any electrical power to work. The Fire Detection Tubing can be used as both a detection device and as an agent delivery system. The tubing is installed and pressurized to burst at the point closest to the fire. In doing so, it releases the fire extinguishing agent directly at the source of fire. The Fire Detection Tubing is also durable whilst being flexible. This means that it can be placed in virtually any environment and work around any obstacles.

As the Fire Detection Tubing reacts to heat, there are no false discharges due to dust, dirt, insects and moisture that are typically associated with conventional electrical detectors. The simple nature of the Detection Tubing means the systems are easy to install and maintain. As the Fire Suppress systems targets the sources of the fire, they require less extinguishing agent and hence, they are more cost-effective.


Direct Action Release Systems (DAR)

EQUIPRO Direct Action Release (DAR) Systems utilizes the EQUIPRO proprietary Detection Tubing as a means of fire detection and also act as a discharge pipe for the extinguishing agent. The Fire Detection Tubing reacts quickly and linearly to heat during a fire and the tubing will burst in the direction of the heat source. This in effect creates a nozzle-like hole in the Detection Tubing which is 


Secondary Action Release System (SAR)

EQUIPRO Secondary Action Release (SAR) System utilizes EQUIPRO proprietary Fire Detection Tubing as a means of automatically detecting fires. As the pressure in the tubing drops, it initiates the valve to open and release the fire extinguishing agent through a conventional nozzle via either brass or stainless steel tubes.` 


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