Server and Telecommunications

Computers, Network Servers and Telecommunications Equipment are all modern day’s essentials. Society relies heavily on information technology and the ability to store and retrieve data. These systems typically are housed in enclosed or semi-enclosed racks. These racks come in a range of sizes and varied options, including in-built cooling systems and are often housed in purpose-built rooms. Even in this favourable environment, short circuits and power supply failures can still start fires. These fires can easily and quickly sweep through a rack destroying not only the valuable hardware but more significantly any information / data stored.

Most Fire Safety Codes throughout the world only mandate the use of conventional water-based sprinkler systems for building facilities protection. Whilst the water-based systems have been effective fire fighting tools and have saved many structures, they are designed as a EQUIPROion system. Furthermore, the flooding of water into the Sever and Telecommunications Equipment is often as devastating to the equipment as the fire itself.

EQUIPRO can provide a tailored solution for such applications. EQUIPRO Systems can be filled with Clean Agent fire extinguishing agents such as HFC-227ea or FK-5-1-1-2. Both of these clean agents rapidly extinguishes the fire whilst not damaging the equipment it is protecting. After a discharge, there is no residue left therefore requiring no clean-up. When combined with EQUIPRO’s proprietary Detection Tubing, EQUIPRO can provide a reliable, fully customised, independent and quick suppression system to fully protect the Server and Telecommunication assets. These systems can use either of EQUIPRO Direct Action Release or Secondary Action Release Systems.

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Direct Action Release Systems (DAR)

EQUIPRO Direct Action Release (DAR) Systems utilizes the EQUIPRO proprietary Detection Tubing as a means of fire detection and also act as a discharge pipe for the extinguishing agent. The Fire Detection Tubing reacts quickly and linearly to heat during a fire and the tubing will burst in the direction of the heat source. This in effect creates a nozzle-like hole in the Fire Detection Tubing which is directed towards the fire, thereby extinguishing it quickly.


Secondary Action Release System (SAR)

EQUIPRO Secondary Action Release (SAR) System utilizes EQUIPRO proprietary Fire Detection Tubing as a means of automatically detecting fires. As the pressure in the tubing drops, it initiates the valve to open and release the fire extinguishing agent through a conventional nozzle via either brass or stainless steel tubes.


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