Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems for Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines fire protection by Equipro Ltd is carried out after a thorough risk assessment. Fire Protection can be factory fitted and retrofitted in the field as required. Wind Turbine fire protection is complex due to the variety of fire risks and the location/environment. Conventional ground based room Fire protection solutions are often not fit for purpose due the considerations of reliable and error free fire detection and effective fire suppression performance. Other considerations are space and weight of the physical fire protection systems which have not been included in the initial design of the turbine and must be accommodated in the infrastructure as built.

Equipro has considered and resolved some problems associated with providing effective and reliable fire detection in the nacelle, tower and base of the wind turbine. A critical performance criteria must be the elimination of costly false alarms. Wind Turbines are located in remote location and can be on or offshore - responding to an event which turns out to be a false alarm is a needless waste of resources. The automatic fire detection and suppression systems supplied by Equipro are impossible to false alarm. That is a significant weight off an engineer's mind.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical faults are significant cause of fire in Wind Turbines. For power distribution, control and capacitor panels Equipro can supply and install LPS 1666 LPCB Approved Jactone PAFSS Direct Low Pressure Systems utilising 3M's Novec 1230 extinguishing fluid. 

The system uses a fire detection method (AEGIS Fire Detection Tube) which is sensitive to fires in early stage of development inside energised equipment yet cannot cause false alarms. The fire detection method is tested and approved by LPCB to fire standard LPS1666. The system supplied by Equipro is the only system in the world that is approved for use as an automatic fire detection and suppression solution protecting electrical panels and energised equipment that have ventilation and openings. All other similar systems have only achieved approval for use on 100% sealed (IP68+) enclosures. (See video for complete detail on installation, function and operation). 

Mechanical and Fuel Fire Risks

Brake mechanisms and hydraulic oils represent a significant fire load risk in the nacelle. Following a risk assessment the following options are engaged by Equipro to reduce and mitigate the fire risk. The identified and specified risks that can initiate a fire are protected individually by a system that is activated by Equipro's AEGIS pneumatic detection tube which prevents false alarms entirely. The pneumatic detection tube functions as a linear heat detector. When it is impinged by a heat source it activates a small targeted fire suppression system that discharges onto or into the hazard being protected. The systems are small and simply located in the nacelle, tower and base as required.

System Monitoring

The systems supplied by Equipro are supplied factory fitted with a dual pressure gauge/two point pressure switch which can be connected to the main Turbine telemetry/fire system to advise system health and enunciate a fire.

Equipro manufactures and supplies AUSPEX monitoring solutions that connect to the fire systems and enable the operations centre to monitor the fire system state in real time via an app over IP. The AUSPEX monitoring solution can simultaneously be used to monitor any aspect of the turbine for real time overview over IP and visible by a custom made App.


Equipro can deploy high and low pressure watermist solutions for transformer protection. Equipro also safeguards associated substations and control centres. ..And if you use boats to access wind turbines at sea Equipro can provide effective engine and machinery space fire protection for vessels and Class D (Lithium Battery) fire protection for cabinets storing rechargeable batteries. If you use helicopters we can provide heli deck fire protection systems as well. We recommend that Jactone's unique watermist hand held extinguisher is placed in the base, the tower and nacelle of each wind turbine to provide self defence for engineers in the wind turbine during a fire event. Equipro also supplies escape harnesses that allow personnel to jump from height and their fall is arrested so they can safely land in the event of an emergency evacuation from the nacelle.

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