Airports represent a multitude of fire risks and safeguarding passengers, property and processes from fire is exactly what EQUIPRO is focused to achieve. Because we possess such a wide portfolio of state of the art products and solutions we can provide proven effective solutions to protect the following fire risks at airports.

  • Electrical Control Panels & Switch Gear that control vital airport services.
  • Ground Service Vehicles - automatic fire detection and suppression systems (as well as normal manual extinguishers) that ensure a fire on a GSV is contained and suppressed safely.
  • Kitchen protection systems for Terminal Building Restaurants.
  • Data Centre and Server Room fire suppression solutions to safe guard your operation and people.
  • Passenger Bus Engine Fire Detection and Suppression Systems ensuring any unforeseen event is quickly and safely dealt with.
  • Fuel Tank Farm, Fuel Pump networks, Fuel Bund areas are equipped with latest up to date fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Cargo handling Machinery and Fork Lift Trucks and well as recharging points, energised equipment and battery stores can all be protected from fire.
  • Cable Trays, Xray machines, Conveyor belt motors, Lifts, Escalators, and Moving Floors can be individually protected from fire.
  • Chemical stores, Paint stores, Air Handling and conditioning systems can be protected from the risk of fire.
  • De-icing Machine Fire Protection Systems, Heavy Plant Vehicles, Transit metro equipment and rolling stock fire protection and suppression systems.

And of course much more...

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