Oil and Gas

EQUIPRO provides a wide range of solutions to protect oil and gas facilities from the risk of fire.

Pre-Engineered systems are designed to protect equipment such as electrical control panels, engine compartments, generator enclosures, cooking areas and enclosed and unenclosed equipment. Some of our portfolio is inherently intrinsically safe meaning it is ideal for installation in high hazard areas. These systems can use a wide variety of extinguishing agents making them very flexible to be used to protect against different fire applications. Ideal technology for protecting individual pieces of equipment or machinery that catch fire.

Engineered gas suppression systems comprise the very latest in environmentally responsible fire protection for room protection safe guarding critical assets from fire while causing no damage or impact on the equipment..

Foam systems can be designed to offer protection against high risk class B fires across the oil and gas sector.

Watermist technology can be used to mitigate high energy rapid developing fires from spreading to other areas and offers high impact fire suppression capability.

Portable fire extinguishers for manual intervention

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