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Our Mission

To supply high quality products to enable you to meet your fire safety and protection goals with products and solutions you can trust.  We provide full technical support for you. You bring us the project and we support you fulfill it.

Room Fire Protection Systems

Inergen Room Total Flood Gas Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Room Total Flood Gas Suppression Systems

Watermist Flood Systems

CO2 Suppression Systems

EQUIPRO N2G Zero Pressure IG-100 Suppression Systems

Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

Kitchen Fire Protection Systems

Bus & Vehicle Fire Protection Systems

Watermist Local Application Systems

Pneumatic Tube Activated Systems

Aerosol Fire Suppression Units

EQUIPRO N2G Zero Pressure Inert Gas Fire Suppression Generators

Fire System Components

Equipro AUSPEX Advanced Fire Detection Tube


Fire Detection & Control Products

Conventional & Addressable Fire Detectors

Fire Control Panels

Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Access Control

Building Security Systems Management

Special Hazard Detection & Control Products

Water Leak Detectors & Control

LPG/LNG/CO Gas Detection & Control

ATEX Proof Fire Detection / Flame Detectors

Emergency Lighting & Direction Systems

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