Referral & Lead Sharing Scheme

Thank you for referring Equipro! We offer good commissions for leads that result in paid up orders. We run two types of commission schemes.

1. Lead Finder Commission (UK/Overseas)

Forward us a sales lead and should we end up closing the sale and after receiving payment from the customer we will remit you a lead finder's commission. We normally pay around 5% the net sales value of goods sold. There are some exclusions and terms and conditions which we can advise you of.

We don't pay commission for projects we are already working on. Leads are accepted on a first come first serve basis. The amount of commission paid depends on the "quality of the lead" - which we can explain in more detail.

You must be willing to declare that you are entitled to share the lead with us and you are not contravening any confidentiality provision within an active contract and that you share the lead entirely out of your own free will. 


2. Referral Agent (UK/Overseas)


As an Equipro Referral Agent you will act as a independent self employed sales agent where we pay you a commission of around 10% of the net sales value of goods sold.

You will not be an Equipro employee but you will be providing regular sales leads and opportunities. 

You must be willing to declare that you are entitled to act as Equipro Referral Agent and not in breach of any existing active contract and that you become an Equipro Referral Agent from your own decision.

If you're interested to learn more about our Referral Program please contact us here

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