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We provide our customers with an all round service.


We offer our customers a full fire system design service according to the appropriate standards. Our team will work with you, the project consultant and end user to establish the most efficient fire system design for the application and desired outcome. 


Fire System Installation

Whether you source the system from Equipro or not we can support you install fire protection systems. Our sub contracted engineering team is able to work worldwide, is trained and certified for most hazardous and challenging locations.

Room Integrity Testing

In accordance with all global standards, rooms and spaces must hold and retain the design concentration of any gas discharged as part of a room protection system design. Failure to conduct a room integrity test can void the approval of the installed system if it cannot be evidenced that teh discharged gas is retained for the time span detailed in the applicable standard. If you don't conduct a successful room integrity test then the entire gas suppression system cannot be signed off as operational.

Service Exchange

As Fire Protection Systems age they require service, maintenance and replacement. Equipro is able to remove and replace your existing fire system so that downtime is minimised and interruption avoided. We can service and safely replace most types of fire systems.

Halon Removal & Banking

Halon gases were phased out and banned for fire safety applications almost 20 years ago but are still in use for some critical applications. Whilst the Halon is very aggressive to our environment, Equipro is able to safely remove Halon from any location worldwide. Every Kilo of Halon emitted is roughly equivalent to 6000KG of CO2 so it is a high contributor to global warming. Equipro can help you maintain your environmental credentials by responsibly removing any Halon.

Lease Purchase Fire Protection Systems

Equipro offers the budget support and tax benefits provided by lease purchasing fire suppression systems. Spread the cost of equipment purchase over time and benefit from improved tax benefits at the same time! 

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